Threshold. David Hayes. 2012

I liked the flower series I posted last week…thought there were some interesting things going on in each version. And I liked that each one allowed me to explore a little more about each of the apps I used to create a particular version. (I was particularly impressed with what one could do withProHDR!) Yet…I didn’t think any of them stood out as much as “Threshold”.
“Threshold” started out as a very high contrast picture of a frosted window taken in a downtown building. The light was pouring through “just right”….giving the glass this unearthly glow. It was one of those moments where you quickly grab some shots knowing that you could put them to use later….
I hadn’t planned how “Threshold” came out….I just started exploring. Not liking what was happening at first, I decided to go outside the box a bit and try Toon Paint on it. The more I tweaked and adjusted, the more I liked what I saw! After settling on an Edge setting of 80-85%, Gray @ 80-85%, and Black @ 60%…I then did a little “painting” selectively putting some blues into the panes. Then….after saving this version…I reopened in Camera Bag and applied a “Thick” border, “Square” crop, and a “Colorcross” filter to complete the image….which was totally different than what I had first envisioned. (I always like it when this happens!) I still have the original shots to work with on a different day…
Thanks for visiting…have a great week!!

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