Dave’s App Recipe Book Project

War Department. David Hayes. 2012. (PS Express + 100 Cameras)

The new year is off and running!! My i365 project is on its way…I’ve been able to create and post images for the first three days of this year….and above is a sneak preview of the one I’ll post tomorrow. I’ve been posting each day’s image on my Flickr, Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter pages.  I’ve not posted the daily images to this blog, other than now, as it’s my plan to post every Monday what I think was the prior week’s best image. (Feel free to weigh in with your own vote each week if you’d like!)
I plan to start doing my App Recipe Book Project every month. First done back in October, 2011, it received enough interest that I’d like to continue hosting the project. Here’s how it will work…
On the third Wednesday of every month my blog will host this online collaboration. This month’s edition would be January 18, 2012. All you need to do if you would like to participate is first leave me a comment on this post and/or send me an email. (clearer reflections@hotmail.com). Then on January 18th, post an image on your own blog, Flickr, or Tumblr of a pic you created using a “smart phone” camera or iPad and apps. Your pic can be of any subject and you can use any app(s) you wish…the only stipulation is that your image must be done all “in-phone” (or iPad). Thirdly, along with your image, also tell us how you created it. Be specific…give us your “recipe”! Did you use a single app…or did you use several? Give us the step by step recipe so that if we wanted, we could use your “recipe” to create our own image. There are no minimum or maximums to how many apps used or how many images you post on your blog.
Come January 18th, I will post a list of all participating iphoneographers on my Clearer Reflections blog so that you can be sure to find all the links to all the “recipes”. Please note (and this is important!!!): email me the link to your post when it goes up so I know to add you to the list on my blog. Again, my email address is: clearerreflections@hotmail.com. 

If you have any questions, please ask! Also, please, please spread the word around to everyone you know who might want to participate…the more the merrier!! I’m looking forward to seeing all the wonderful images you all are creating…and sharing recipes!!!
P.S.: I will post reminders between now and then…

Shaking It Off….

"Forward...Back" David Hayes. 2011. Hipstamatic, Salvador83 lens, DreamCanvas film


I think I’ve shaken it off. Those Christmas “wallows”. Most of our Christmas decorations are down and put away. The tree will come down Monday…the outside decorations tomorrow. Tonight will be spent quietly at home…both daughters will be out for the night partying as they should. My wife and I will enjoy a nice dinner and each other’s company…hopefully staying up ’til midnight!! Right now I’m sitting in our family room looking at the Christmas tree and listening to a recording of the Boar’s Head Festival. Perfect.
My New Year’s Resolutions are pretty simple…focus on my yoga and my art. Yoga is something I “discovered” last year and have found it to be a great source of energy and focus. My art is starting to focus and I feel I’m becoming more “fearless”. Combining the two should make for an incredible year!!
I have a list a mile long of art projects I want to dive into next week…but I know I need to take it slowly. I’m going back to my photography roots…resurrecting my darkroom and digging out my plastic cameras. I’m also going to explore Polaroid emulsion transfers….I just picked up a vintage Polaroid Land Camera with some Christmas money so I’m excited about starting this. I have a couple of online workshops that I signed up for dealing with digital art and photo transfers. Of course I have half a dozen paintings/mixed media pieces in various stages of completion sitting in my studio….
I’m also going to plunge deeper into iphoneography…if that’s possible for me! I have close to 100 photo/graphic design apps…many that I don’t know much about! (If they look interesting, I download them!!) So…beginning tomorrow, I’m going to start a multi-part i365 project. Every day I’m going to take a pic using a different app or combination of apps. I’ll also take notes as to what I used and so forth…and then I’ll post the pic and notes on myFlickrTumblrFacebookTwitter, and Instagram (r-images) pages. (This isn’t as overwhelming as it sounds….most apps allow you to post to all these places simultaneously.) The really good pics will show up on my Blogger…probably a weekly thing. And….if this isn’t enough….I’m going to create an old-fashion paper and paste notebook….a print of the each pic and handwritten notes.  Cool stuff, huh!!  (“Forward…Back” is just a taste of what’s to come. I shot this at 12:00 noon today…. I like the symbolism it suggests of leaving the old year….entering the new….)
Finally, I’m going to start doing my collaboration blog project, “Dave’s App Recipe Book” on a monthly basis. I’m hoping to do this on the third Wednesday of each month, which would make January’s on the 18th. More to come on all of this soon!!
It is my hope that everyone has a great New Year’s celebration and that 2012 be your best year…ever!!!

Merry Christmas…


Merry Christmas to one and all!!

Colors – A New Series

Thought I’d put up a quick post showing off my newest mixed media pieces. There are four in this series: Black. Blue. Red. Green. Each is 4×6 inches, created on canvas board panels. Each has common elements: paper, tags, copper wire, and corroded copper panels. I kept them simple, meditative. I hope you like them!

Black. David Hayes. 2011. Mixed Media. 4x6.

Blue. David Hayes. 2011. Mixed Media. 4x6

Red. David Hayes. 2011. Mixed Media. 4x6

Green. David Hayes. 2011. Mixed Media. 4x6

Please, sir….

Please. David Hayes. 2011. WordFoto


Earlier this week, my wife and I ventured north for an early Christmas visit with her sister and her husband…who live on Torch Lake, Michigan…which is near Bellaire. The visit had several agendas: one was for the Christmas visit and merriment…the other to continue to check out the area. You see, we plan to move up to Traverse City…which is about 45 minutes to the east of Torch Lake…hopefully the early part of 2013. But this is a separate story….
We arrived at their house late Monday night and had an enjoyable dinner and visit. Tuesday was spent exploring more of Traverse City and that nearby area. Come Wednesday, they took us to visit Petoskey, Michigan which sits on Lake Michigan. It was a cold, snowy, blowy afternoon when we arrived in Petoskey but the town proved to be quite delightful!! Among other things, we discovered a shoe store like no other! Not only did it have all the right styles…but also all the sizes. Unheard of around were I live! And…it was decorated with a wonderful assortment of vintage items…none of which were for sale. We spent sometime in here browsing…I didn’t buy any shoes but did buy a hat and some socks…again…another story. But I digress from the main point of this posting…
Our first stop was the Crooked Tree Arts Center. This is a wonderful center that was showcasing the work of many northern Michigan artists as part of their holiday festivities. All of the work was tastefully displayed…and for sale. Now…thinking about my blog…and bringing home ideas for future pieces…I took out my iPhone and started taking snaps of some great assemblage works. It wasn’t but a short moment later that I was approached by someone in the Center and asked not to take photos. I instantly apologized and put my iPhone away. (Please understand that there was no notice about photography in the exhibit area.)
I have different thoughts about this policy. While I respect an artist’s wishes not to have their work photographed, on the other hand I have no problem with the casual photography I was doing. I wouldn’t mind my work photographed in this manner…feeling that a prospective buyer might want to take photos with them for future reference. So…I’m running another poll to check how you all feel about this. Do you approve of a no photo policy? Look to the bottom of this post…and vote!
We did end up buying two pieces…two tiles by Pat and Chip Denison of Denison Tiles. These are now hanging on our bathroom wall between our sinks. (The pics below were taken from this vantage point!)

Pat and Chip Denison

Pat and Chip Denison


First showing….

I usually don’t do this…put pictures of my newest canvases out there for public crit. Yet…it’s time to do this sort of thing….

I’m not even sure they’re “finished”…yet I think they are. I haven’t given them titles or even put the final protective coat on them. It’s like I want to see if they make it through the night…

If you would…take a look at these…and let me know what you think. Are they “done”…or do they need more? More of what? Less of something else??

Each of these works are 9×12 inches, done on stretch canvas. Mixed media works…but mostly acrylic…

Thanks for taking a look…even more thanks if you take time to crit….

Painting #1


Painting #2


Painting #3


Painting #4

Dave’s Apps Recipe Book Project

Dave's Apps Recipe Book Project

Are you an avid iPhone/iPad/Android camera photographer? If so, then this collaborative project is for you! Check this out at: http://bit.ly/reRV96. Here’s your chance to shine…and to share!

Madness II

Madness II, David Hayes, 2011

Just an old mental health hospital somewhere in Michigan. Nothing really to look at. That was until I used Photo Studio HD to reveal what really was there!!

Hello and welcome!




This is my first posting in An Eclectic Universe…which I plan to be where I share a little about everything. Stay tuned to see what I come up with…I think you’ll like the ride!!!