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Colors – A New Series

Thought I’d put up a quick post showing off my newest mixed media pieces. There are four in this series: Black. Blue. Red. Green. Each is 4×6 inches, created on canvas board panels. Each has common elements: paper, tags, copper wire, and corroded copper panels. I kept them simple, meditative. I hope you like them!

Black. David Hayes. 2011. Mixed Media. 4x6.

Blue. David Hayes. 2011. Mixed Media. 4x6

Red. David Hayes. 2011. Mixed Media. 4x6

Green. David Hayes. 2011. Mixed Media. 4x6


First showing….

I usually don’t do this…put pictures of my newest canvases out there for public crit. Yet…it’s time to do this sort of thing….

I’m not even sure they’re “finished”…yet I think they are. I haven’t given them titles or even put the final protective coat on them. It’s like I want to see if they make it through the night…

If you would…take a look at these…and let me know what you think. Are they “done”…or do they need more? More of what? Less of something else??

Each of these works are 9×12 inches, done on stretch canvas. Mixed media works…but mostly acrylic…

Thanks for taking a look…even more thanks if you take time to crit….

Painting #1


Painting #2


Painting #3


Painting #4