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Shaking It Off….

"Forward...Back" David Hayes. 2011. Hipstamatic, Salvador83 lens, DreamCanvas film


I think I’ve shaken it off. Those Christmas “wallows”. Most of our Christmas decorations are down and put away. The tree will come down Monday…the outside decorations tomorrow. Tonight will be spent quietly at home…both daughters will be out for the night partying as they should. My wife and I will enjoy a nice dinner and each other’s company…hopefully staying up ’til midnight!! Right now I’m sitting in our family room looking at the Christmas tree and listening to a recording of the Boar’s Head Festival. Perfect.
My New Year’s Resolutions are pretty simple…focus on my yoga and my art. Yoga is something I “discovered” last year and have found it to be a great source of energy and focus. My art is starting to focus and I feel I’m becoming more “fearless”. Combining the two should make for an incredible year!!
I have a list a mile long of art projects I want to dive into next week…but I know I need to take it slowly. I’m going back to my photography roots…resurrecting my darkroom and digging out my plastic cameras. I’m also going to explore Polaroid emulsion transfers….I just picked up a vintage Polaroid Land Camera with some Christmas money so I’m excited about starting this. I have a couple of online workshops that I signed up for dealing with digital art and photo transfers. Of course I have half a dozen paintings/mixed media pieces in various stages of completion sitting in my studio….
I’m also going to plunge deeper into iphoneography…if that’s possible for me! I have close to 100 photo/graphic design apps…many that I don’t know much about! (If they look interesting, I download them!!) So…beginning tomorrow, I’m going to start a multi-part i365 project. Every day I’m going to take a pic using a different app or combination of apps. I’ll also take notes as to what I used and so forth…and then I’ll post the pic and notes on myFlickrTumblrFacebookTwitter, and Instagram (r-images) pages. (This isn’t as overwhelming as it sounds….most apps allow you to post to all these places simultaneously.) The really good pics will show up on my Blogger…probably a weekly thing. And….if this isn’t enough….I’m going to create an old-fashion paper and paste notebook….a print of the each pic and handwritten notes.  Cool stuff, huh!!  (“Forward…Back” is just a taste of what’s to come. I shot this at 12:00 noon today…. I like the symbolism it suggests of leaving the old year….entering the new….)
Finally, I’m going to start doing my collaboration blog project, “Dave’s App Recipe Book” on a monthly basis. I’m hoping to do this on the third Wednesday of each month, which would make January’s on the 18th. More to come on all of this soon!!
It is my hope that everyone has a great New Year’s celebration and that 2012 be your best year…ever!!!